Terms & Community Rules

§1 Subject of the Terms & Community Rules

The following rules govern the behavior of members and users of the 4homo.de platform and the general terms and conditions governing their use.

§2 Costs & Membership

Membership at 4homo.de is completely free. There are no fees or other expenses for you. By registering at 4homo.de you confirm our terms and conditions. Membership can be terminated immediately without warning. Each member is committed to consistent compliance with the Terms & Community rules of 4homo.de. Furthermore, each member continues to comply with the statutory provisions of the state of Germany. This also includes the Youth Protection Act. This means for our members that any public sex requests on the site are prohibited. Each member, who is 21 years or older, may only search and contact persons over 18 years of age.

§3 Duties of our members

The member is responsible for all content produced and published by him or via his access code. Each member is required to treat emails and other messages confidentially and not make them accessible to third parties without the consent of their originator. The same applies to any form of address data. Furthermore, each member undertakes not to misuse 4homo.de, in particular: to spread any defamatory, contentwise wrong, offensive, obscene, blasphemous, offensive, threatening, harassing or racist utterances. Corresponding data ("links", "citations" etc.) on / from offers of third parties are the responsibility of the member and are distanced from 4homo.de. Furthermore, they must be named with a reference ("source", "copyright"). This respects the copyright! Profiles created for the purpose of deception (fakes) or denunciation of other members will be deleted (including the author's profile). It is also prohibited to use software of any kind within the platform or to make it accessible to others. The availability of offers for others must not be affected. Messages may be sent within the platform solely for the purpose of acquaintance, but not for advertising or with the aim of selling a product or service. Advertising is generally prohibited without the permission of the site operator. Failure to comply with any of the above behavioral obligations may result in a warning, immediate termination of membership, as well as civil and criminal penalties.

§4 Termination

The membership is mutually immediately terminable, there is no notice period.

§5 Exemption / warning

Each member agrees to 4homo.de from any liability and from all obligations, expenses and claims arising from damages for libel, insult, violation of personal rights, due to the failure of services to members, for the violation of intellectual property or other rights. The costs incurred by the service or its executives, directors, representatives and / or third parties in this regard for an appropriate legal defense and prosecution against third parties shall be borne by the member. In case of disputes, competition law or similar problems, please contact the operator of the website in advance to avoid unnecessary litigation and costs. The cost note of a lawyer's warning without prior contact, is rejected in the sense of loss mitigation as unfounded.

§6 Additional offers

4homo.de offers the possibility to place personal ads. These are titled 4homo.de personals. Here you can look for other people, sports partners, holiday companions, etc. It should be noted that direct sex seekers are not unlocked. It is also necessary to follow the legal regulations of Germany. More precisely, this means that applications must also be adapted to the protection of minors. Anyone who is 21 years or older may only search for other persons over the age of 18. Any request that does not comply with these provisions will be deleted without exception and without giving reasons. Furthermore, there is the 4homo.de penis list, which offers the opportunity to compare his penis with others. 4homo.de also offers its members 4homo.de codes with which they can extend their profile free of charge. These codes are distributed exclusively by 4homo.de to the members. There is no legal right to receive a code. The codes are limited in time and allow the free expansion of the profile.

§7 4homo.de Newsletter

4homo.de offers the possibility to receive a newsletter. This informed at regular intervals about innovations in the community 4homo.de as well as planned action, etc.! By registering to receive the newsletter during registration or afterwards, the recipient gives his consent to receive the newsletter. This can also be displayed again at your own request. There is no right to receive the newsletter. This can be removed again without giving reasons.

§8 Additional provisions

The disclaimer and the privacy policy are also part of the Terms & Community rules!

§9 Severability clause

Should one or more of the above provisions be or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the others will not be affected. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by an effective one which as far as possible achieves the economic purpose intended.

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