Ban on homopropaganda in Poland?

Written 10 months ago, 11.11., 03:13pm from

Will there soon be a similar law in Poland as in Russia, which prohibits homopropaganda? Poland's president would sign such a law.

This was stated by President Andrzej Duda in an interview with a Polish newspaper. If such a law were presented to him and it is well written, it could possibly sign it. This would make Poland the next state that wants to virtually chase homosexuals out of the country.

The starting point for this interview was a school project, which was called Regenbogenfreitag and is very controversial. It is a project for the day against homo- and transphobia, which should be carried out at schools all over Poland. Following protests and a ban on cultural ministers, a large number of schools canceled their participation.

Nevertheless, a large part of the students were not deterred. It remains to be seen if this will now have consequences. As early as 2005, the President exercised his right of veto, preventing a law on the rights of the transsexual. It remains exciting!


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